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    May 15, 2018 | 1:30 PM

    [Infographic] From Paris to Poland: Keeping Climate Action on Track

    Drake's 'Hotline Bling' was everywhere. The British royal family welcomed Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s groundbreaking new musical Hamilton premiered. (You could say it’s done pretty alright since then.) And don’t forget that time two llamas made a great escape in Arizona.

    It's also the year that the world came together to sign the most ambitious global climate agreement ever at the UN's COP 21 conference. The Paris Agreement was historic – leaders from 195 nations and parties met for two long weeks and, at the end, agreed to work to address climate change together.

    Each country set out a plan for how it would fight climate change at home, with an overarching goal to keep average global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius, while also making an effort to stay under 1.5 degrees. And essentially reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions in the second half of the century. After about two decades of the global community failing to reach consensus on how to address climate change, the Paris Agreement was nothing short of incredible.

    But what has happened since then? And where are we going next? The story has been a little long and tangled, we know. That’s why Climate Reality put together this infographic, From Paris to Poland: Keeping Climate Action on Track –  to show where we’ve been and what’s next for climate action on a global scale.

    It’s clear: Our work isn’t over. The COP 24 conference coming up in Poland this year is sure to be another historic moment in the future of our planet. Ahead of the event, it’s important that we ensure leaders hear our collective voice demanding climate action. Just like we did back in 2015.

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