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    Download the Clean Power Plan Activist Kit

    We stand at a critical moment for the climate movement and for the planet.

    In 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized America’s Clean Power Plan, the first-ever limits on carbon pollution from US power plants. Americans spoke up in record numbers to support the plan, calling for bold action on climate and shifting to clean energy across the country.

    But on October 10, 2017, backed by powerful fossil fuel companies, the Trump Administration formally announced a proposal to repeal this groundbreaking rule.

    Here’s the truth: Over 70 percent of Americans want the federal government to prioritize clean energy, according to a March 2017 Gallup Poll. The overwhelming majority of Americans want our government to act on climate. EPA listened to Americans and designed America’s Clean Power Plan to do just that – all while promising to create jobs, clean up our air, and protect our planet.

    America’s Clean Power Plan is at risk. Climate Reality created this activist kit to help you fight back against the fossil fuel agenda and protect this vital plan.

    Download our Clean Power Plan activist kit now and you’ll learn the facts about the rule, the cost of carbon, and ways you can raise your voice to support clean energy and climate solutions.

    Together, we made America’s Clean Power Plan a reality. Together we’ll fight to protect it.